Young man from South Africa obtained first penis transplant in the world!

Who might have thought that South African doctors will make the pioneer breakthrough and perform the first penile transplant? Reconstruction of genitalia is one of the most complicated medical procedures at present and they managed to make it successfully! They became the first doctors who performed this difficult transplant. The patient was a young man who had his penis amputated after carelessly performed circumcision that is practiced in the South African tribes. The medical specialists in Cape Town had to correct the horrible consequences of that ritual.

The transplant was 9 hours long. This surgery was performed within the frames of the pilot study conducted by hospital and University aimed at assistance of those who became the victim of botched circumcisions. Some men have lethal outcomes while others lose their organs and this becomes a real tragedy for them. The situation is especially severe for men who are 18-19 years old.

The patient who had received transplant returned his manhood, so new prospects opened in front of other patients with a similar problem. There are some diseases or conditions that can bring to loss of penis such as cancer of severe ED.

The patient lost his penis when he was 21. He had his penis amputated during the ritual, as they call it, rite of passage into manhood. The main problem was to find the donor, who would donate his organs for transplant so they found such man eventually. It was a diseased person who was ready to donate his organs after death.

Head of the university's urology unit Andre van der Merwe says that there is high demand for such kind of surgeries in South Africa in comparison with other parts of the world because of traditional rituals that are risky for men and aggravate the situation, for this reason. This can bring to complications and irreversible consequences. It was calculated that 250 young men lose their male organs annually for this reason during rites when foreskin is removed. The initiates are for the most part from the Xhoba tribe. It all happens in the following way: young men stay for weeks in some special huts preparing for the ritual. Then each young man has his head shaved. He is covered with clay all over to start the ritual and enter adulthood.

Now the doctors are going to complete other penile transplants for 9 patients.