The cause of erectile dysfunction can be a lethal disease

Erectile dysfunction is diagnosed when man suffers from erection problems. The causes of the condition are different and can be divided into the different groups depending upon the system involved into it.

ED develops when the person suffers from the disease that deteriorates the cardiovascular system, therefore the problems with penis blood flow appear. 50-70% of all ED cases are caused by the problems in cardiovascular system. Men with atherosclerosis develop hardening of arteries and the arteries in the penis become less flexible. Diabetics experience serious problems with blood vessels also. If you have high cholesterol then the risks of ED become considerably higher. Veno-occlusive dysfunction is a smooth muscle disease that brings to erectile dysfunction. It is also called venous leak impotence. The penis is not able to store the blood to achieve the erection. In spite of many achievements in the treatment of erectile dysfunction, this disease still remains a challenge for medical specialists. Even when all interventions are performed the rate of success is only 50%.

Another group of diseases affects the nervous system and is called neurogenic.

Hormonal diseases may affect the hormone levels in the body. Finally, a number of anatomical conditions may badly affect the physical structure of the penis.

Psychological causes of decreased potency can ultimately bring to impotence. There are no any physical reasons for ED but the erection is still inhibited. It should be noted that the role of psychological factor was previously overestimated. But the scientists discovered that only 10% of all persistent ED cases are caused by the psychological factors. The erection does not appear because he signals sent by the brain miss the target for some reason. The mechanism just stops working because of stress and anxiety, psychosis, depression, fear of closeness, lack of harmony in the relationship or some psychological trauma that occurred long ago.

The most complicated form of erectile dysfunction develops when organic factors are present along with psychogenic ones. The man can suffer from erectile dysfunction because he abuses drugs, alcohol, smoking, and leads inactive lifestyle. Men, who do not move much, usually have extra weight, so it also tells on the ability of the person to reach and maintain solid erection.

In case the ED was caused by wrong lifestyle, is important to do everything correctly when you wish to restore your erection function. It refers to right nutrition on a regular basis, attention to all aspects of health. Obese men should lose extra kilograms. If some medication provokes bad potency, it is necessary to get rid of it and use only the remedies that work without such side effects.

It is necessary to determine the cause of the erectile dysfunction before you start treatment. The success of the treatment depends upon it. ED is usually just a symptom of serious disease so you should have medical examination to treat the disease that entails erection problems. When underlying cause of ED is identified by your medical doctor, the treatment plan is developed to promote better erection, but it should necessarily aimed at treatment of that disease. It can be a heart or blood vessel disease, for instance. The problems with potency become a warning for the person so that he could take measures and visit the doctor as soon as possible. In this way, he gets the chance to restore his male health and, probably, even save his life. Guess what happens when man ignores this warning? Youd rather not make such mistake and treat it in time before it is too late.